New – Hail Weston Community Directory

A hard copy of the new community directory has recently been delivered to every house in Hail Weston. It’s a single place to find useful information and contacts for various groups, services, businesses etc in Hail Weston. You can also find a pdf version of the directory on this site.

To request additions/ amendments please contact

Please note that the directory only includes businesses actually based in Hail Weston.

Huntingdonshire Local Plan 2036- Open Consultation – 18.12.17-5.2.18

Dear Parishes,

You will have received notification that the Huntingdonshire Local Plan 2036 has moved to the next stage of preparation, known as the publication of the plan ( Regulation 19). Last Wednesday night Full Council endorsed the publication of the plan and the system will have sent emails to you all at 9am on Monday morning highlighting that there is now a 7 week period for all interested parties to make representations on the ‘soundness’ of the plan. The portal will be open from 9am on the 18th of December until 17:00 on the 5th February. The consultation has been extended from 6 weeks to 7 weeks to allow for Christmas and we are not ina position to agree any extension of time for the submission of comments given the very tight timescale of the Local Plan.

What is ‘soundness’?
The Local Plan is sound if it meets all of the ‘Tests of Soundness’. The Tests of Soundness are that the plan:
· has been ‘positively prepared’;
· is ‘justified’;
· is ‘effective’; and
· is ‘consistent with national policy’

What is ‘legal compliance’?
The Local Plan is legally compliant if the Council has followed all the relevant requirements set out in relevant planning law and regulations for the production of development plan documents. Legal compliance issues include:
· Whether the Local Plan is in the Council’s Local Development Scheme;
· Whether consultation has been carried out in accordance with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement and meets the minimum requirements of relevant regulations;
· Whether the requirements of the relevant regulations, such as those relating to Equalities and Habitats, have been followed;
· Whether the requirements of applicable European Directives, such as the Habitats Directive, have been complied with:
· Whether a Sustainability Appraisal has been carried out assessing social, environmental and economic factors; and
· Whether the requirements of the Duty to Cooperate have been met. The duty to cooperate was created in the Localism Act 2011, and amends the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. It places a legal duty on local planning authorities, county councils and public bodies to engage constructively, actively and on an ongoing basis to maximise the effectiveness of Local Plan preparation in the context of strategic cross boundary matters.

What happens next?
The plan will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by at the end of March along with all representations received pursuant to the Plan.

Please note:
The service provider will be carrying out essential work to improve the reliability and performance of the Consultation Portal during the representations period. This work will, unfortunately, include a period when the portal is not available. This off-line period will start at 5pm on Friday 19 January 2018 and may last for up to 2 days.

The link to the Portal is attached –

Parish Meetings 2018

Hail Weston Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. All Agendas are published in advance of the meeting on and on the village noticeboard.

The public and press are invited to be present. The public may address the council on current matters or issues of concern in the Open Forum.

Any matters raised for decision will become a future agenda item.

Planning matters are dealt with during Full Council meetings. If an Extra-ordinary meeting to discuss planning becomes necessary, it will be announced on the PC Website and agenda posted on the village noticeboard.

January 16th 2018
February 20th
March 20th (Parish Assembly)
April 17th
May 15th (Annual Meeting)
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
November 20th
Meeting dates and venues can be subject to change and/or cancellation. Every effort will be made to inform the public should a meeting be cancelled or re-arranged

Resident letter – Update

Dear resident

As you may be aware a planning consultant on behalf of clients in Hail Weston submitted a plot of land in response to Huntingdonshire District Council’s (HDC) ‘Call for Sites’ in summer 2017. This call was part of the processes of developing a Huntingdonshire Local Plan (for development) to 2036.

HDC published a response document on the 4th of October which shows that the submitted site will not be assessed in detail at this time as it is ‘not in a sustainable location’ (see appendix 3). The response is available online at

A further HDC public consultation opened on 4th October and closes on 3rd of November to allow members of the public an opportunity to comment on those sites offered as part of the Call for Sites consultation.

This new consultation is known as ‘Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment’ (HELAA). Any resident can comment by registering on the HDC website.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 17th October. You are welcome to attend and there will be an opportunity to discuss or seek clarity on this matter during the ‘open forum’ part of the meeting. Parish Council meeting agendas are published in advance of meetings at and posted on the Parish Council Notice Board on the High Street.

At the last Parish Council meeting residents who attended felt the need for a public meeting with the planning consultant. This will now be arranged in due course. The planning consultant is keen to hear residents’ views and explore development potential.

The Parish Council is aware that a proposed development of this kind could be significant for the village and want to ensure residents have all the relevant information.

Thank you
Hail Weston Parish Council – 7/10/17


HDC Local Plan 2036 – Register interest and be kept informed

Residents can register their interest in the current Local Plan with Hunts DC to :-

  • Keep track of all planning policy consultations
  • Register for notifications about new consultations
  • Make comments on current consultations
  • View comments made by others.

If you wish to register on the system click here: