Neighbourhood Watch

Received notification 13/02/18 of potential criminal activity for you to be on the lookout.

A number of people in the village have recently been visited by a man claiming that he is going to be doing some tree cutting at a near-by property and is ‘apologising in advance’ for the noise he was going to be making. In all cases, no tree cutting followed, so it seems possible or even likely that this has been a scam designed to discover whether there was anyone in, with a view to carrying out a burglary.

If anybody experiences this in future, the police suggest that they should, if possible without taking ANY personal risk, make a note of the caller’s vehicle number and notify the police (call 101) immediately. If the visitor is persistent, and the home-owner is uncomfortable, they should call 999.

There are many other similar scams being used by potential burglars, and we should be on our guard at all times.

In the event that you become concerned in addition to 999 ( when there is imminent risk to people or property) and 101 our” local” ( he has 28 villages on his patch) PCSO can be contacted as follows:

Richard Braddick. PCSO 7101
Mobile: 07921 094801
Email: richard,

Concerned about crime?


The Parish Council would like to hear from any resident interested in helping to operate a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

In the past, a scheme has operated to share information about actual crimes or suspicious occurrences that are either Hail Weston-specific (e.g. a suspicious vehicle observed by a member of the scheme) or local (such as notices coming from Cambs police). It has been brought to the Council’s attention that the number of volunteers operating the scheme has dwindled and that there is currently no central coordinator. With all the other initiatives currently underway in Hail Weston, the Parish Council does not have the resources to run a Neighbourhood Watch scheme without new volunteers. Responses to last year’s Community Led Plan questionnaire showed that around a third of respondents were members of Neighbourhood Watch and more were interested in joining, so if you’d like the scheme to continue and might be interested in volunteering your time to make that happen, please get in touch ( Note that going forward a scheme could either retain the same format or use a new model.