Parish Council

What do we do?

-We’re responsible for public open spaces including playing field, cemetery and allotments

-We represent the Hail Weston Parish on matters of planning

-We represent Hail Weston to get better resources

-We try to make a difference for the future

As a council we get involved in more than just that and we are allocated various ‘lead roles’.

Please contact us with problems, issues or offers of help and ideas.



  Jill Gooch – PC Chairman: Village Hall

01480 212401

8 Orchard Close , Hail Weston


Nick Farnden – Vice Chairman

07368 388689

117 High Street, Hail Weston


Peter Mailer – Councillor: Playing Field 

07748 614874

7 Ford End, Hail Weston


Philip J Martin – Councillor:  Open Space Checks and Trees

26 Manor Way, Hail Weston


Jane Sugars – Councillor: Communication  

07514 156779

133 High Street , Hail Weston


Jeff Hubble – Councillor: Highways and Village Hall

119 High Street, Hail Weston


Matthew Lobo – Councillor:  Finance

Highfield House, 143 High Street, Hail Weston


Jennifer Abell – Parish Clerk

01480 215880

5 Orchard Close, Hail Weston