Parish Council

What do we do?

-We’re responsible for public open spaces including playing field, cemetery and allotments

-We represent the Hail Weston Parish on matters of planning

-We represent Hail Weston to get better resources

-We try to make a difference for the future

As a council we get involved in more than just that and we are allocated various ‘lead roles’. So here’s who we are, and how can you contact us with problems, issues or offers of help and ideas.




  Jill Gooch – PC Chairman: Village Hall

01480 212401
8 Orchard Close ,Hail Weston




Nick Farnden- Vice Chairman:

117 High Street, Hail Weston





 Peter Mailer – Councillor: Playing Field


7 Ford End, Hail Weston


Philip J Martin- Councillor:  Open Space Checks and Trees

26 Manor Way, Hail Weston



Jane Sugars – Councillor: Communication


133 High Street , Hail Weston




Jeff Hubble – Councillor: Highways and Village Hall

119 High Street, Hail Weston



Matthew Lobo – Councillor:  Finance

Highfield House, 143 High Street, Hail Weston




Jennifer Abell – Parish Clerk

01480 215880

5 Orchard Close, Hail Weston